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We are sorry, there will be no canoe-camping initiation for the 2021 season.


Canoe-camping is the perfect activity to enjoy the pleasures of nature. As a family, a couple or among friends, spend quality time travelling across the water, taking breaks on sandy beaches, discovering traces of an animal at the edge of the forest, or diving out of your canoe to cool off. Choose your spot for the night among a multitude of majestic campsites. And after a day of canoeing or kayaking, enjoy a crackling campfire, prepare a delicious meal and enjoy it with a nice bottle of wine (why not?). No matter what the weather conditions, you can count on the tranquility, the awakening of your senses and the feeling of accomplishment.


Do you want to give this a try? Don’t miss out on these moments of pure happiness for fear of being bitten by mosquitoes or running into a bear, or because you think you have to eat canned and dehydrated food or that it is impossible to bathe while canoe-camping!
 Let us show you how to go about it. Come and take part in an introduction to canoe-camping outing in La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve and benefit from the expertise of a qualified and enthusiastic guide who will relieve any hesitations that have kept you from trying canoe-camping.



This two-day canoe-camping trip (Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon) is for people who wish to learn the basics of canoe-camping in a friendly atmosphere. Hands-on workshops presented by a qualified instructor throughout the outing will help participants to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for canoe-camping on their own. The active participation and involvement of participants is required.


Participants are welcome to come to Le Domaine the evening before the trip (Friday night) for a first night of camping without additional cost. Between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., an employee of Canot-camping La Vérendrye will be available to help participants who need guidance for this first night of camping. Participants planning to arrive after 7:30 p.m. with their own camping gear are welcome to set up camp on their own. The campsite is located in front of the Canot-camping La Vérendrye Welcome Center right on Lake Jean-Péré, along with washrooms and showers. Other services offered at Le Domaine include: cottages and rooms for rent, a gas station, a convenience store and a restaurant.



Group size ranges from 4 to 9 participants, without the instructor. The small group size ensures that everyone can interact and learn from the instructor. Teams of two people per canoe are assigned onsite, based on the technical skills and preferences of the participants. It is not necessary to have a canoeing partner in advance to take part in this trip. Please note that people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.



The canoe trip takes place on the Jean-Péré (#10) loop, and includes 24 km of flatwater with a single portage of 340 meters. The trip begins and ends at Le Domaine. Each campsite has a safe, designated campfire pit, a dry toilet, and flat, clean spaces to pitch tents.



Many topics are presented through participatory workshops, including how to organize and prepare for a canoe trip, choice and preparation of menus, safety on water and on a campsite, map reading and orientation, respect of the environment, camping, canoeing and portaging techniques, and how to use the gear. The guide will also be more than happy to answer any specific questions.



The rate of $199 per person for the entire stay includes:

- Workshops

- Food (alcoholic beverages are not included)

- Canoes, PFDs, paddles and floating rope

- Group gear needed for camping
 (cooking utensils, pots and pans, tarpaulin, camp saw, etc…)

- One waterproof 60L barrel with harness per participant

- One camping chair per participant

- One set of camping plate, utensils and cup per participant.


Note that each participant is responsible for the equipment he or she uses. In case of breakage or loss, participants must cover the cost of repair or replacement.



Personal camping equipment is not provided but can be rented on site if necessary. Prices for the trip are as follows:

- Tent* (1-2 places tent: $28.50; 3-4 places tent: $33.50)

- Sleeping pad (self-inflating: $11.50; closed-cell foam: $4.70)

- Sleeping bag ($18.50)


*We can arrange a shared tent for those who are willing to share.


The detailed list of personal items that the participant should bring on the trip will be provided upon registration. It is possible to consult a general list of equipment necessary for canoe-camping here.



We are sorry, there will be no canoe-camping initiation for the 2021 season.


Saturday July 25th - Sunday July 26th (with the possibility of free camping on Friday July 24th for participants)


Saturday August 8th - Sunday August 19th (with the possibility of free camping on Friday August 7th for participants)


Other dates may be available upon request for groups of 6 or more people.



Transportation is not included in the price. Our canoe-camping welcome centre at
 Le Domaine can be reached by bus. There are 3 daily departures from Montreal and
 2 daily departures from Ottawa. We can also help organize carpooling among participants. Click here for schedules and bus fares, and a map showing the exact location of
 Le Domaine..



It is necessary to book at least 14 days in advance (by phone after May 15th or by e-mail before May 15th) for both the trip and the camping equipment. All reservations require
 a deposit of 50% of the total cost before taxes, and can be paid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).


Cancellations that are made over 14 days before the date of the trip are subject to
 a $30 administrative fee that is deducted from the deposit. Deposits are not reimbursable for cancellations made 14 days or less before the date of the trip.


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