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  • Code of Ethics

    • Be courteous and respect other users.

    • Do not feed any animals.

    • Do not mutilate trees by banging nails into them, removing bark from birch trees, or cutting branches off evergreens.

    • Use a camp stove rather than an open fire for cooking meals.

    • Use fire pits that already exist and do not move them around.
    Leave them where they are.

    • Use dead wood for fires.

    • Never leave a fire unattended. Extinguish your campfire with water before going to bed or leaving your campsite. Never use sand to put out a fire.

    • You are allowed to camp only on Canot-Camping La Vérendrye’s designated campsites, which are marked on our guide maps (available at the office, at Le Domaine) unless you have a special authorization.

    • Use campsites according to the number of spaces assigned for tents, as indicated on the guide-maps. For example, sites marked "2" are intended for a maximum of 2 tents. 10 people maximum are authorized per site except for "R" sites and those must be reserved (10 people minimum, 20 people maximum).

    • Change campsites every night unless you reserved a fixed campsite identified by an "F" on the map. Never camp on islands less than 200 FEET wide; their environment is too fragile.

    • Your canoe-camping permit does not give you permission to camp at sites accessible from the road (except for late-arrival overnight camping at Le Domaine). To use these sites, you must obtain a Sépaq permit. Your canoe-camping permit does not give you permission to fish. You must obtain a daily fishing access permit from the Sépaq office.

    • No motor boats are allowed camping on campsites maintained by
    Canot-Camping La Vérendrye.

    • Use the dry toilets. If there are none, find an area with absorbent ground located at least 100 FEET from the water. Dig a hole, then cover it after use. We recommend that groups dig one hole for everyone to use. Dispose of your toilet paper in the privies or burn it.

    • Never wash yourself, brush your teeth or wash your dishes directly in the water. Remain at least 100 FEET from any body of water and use biodegradable soap.

    • Take all your garbage back with you. Pick up all garbage and food leftovers from your campfire (aluminum foil, cans, etc.). Do not put waste in the privies as this will affect their proper usage.

    • Respect and protect the environment.

    • Always leave an area cleaner than you found it.

  • Transport Canada Regulation

    For any watercraft measuring no more than 20 feet (6 m) in length (canoes, kayaks, paddle-boats and skiffs), the following safety equipment is required:

    • A personal flotation device or Canadian government-approved life jacket for every person on board.

    • A buoyant heaving line at least 50 feet (15 m) long.

    • A manual propulsion device.

    • A bailer or hand-pump.

    • A pea-less (military or Coast Guard type) whistle.

    • Navigation lights (if you use your watercraft between sunset and sunrise or during periods of reduced visibility.


    These items are the minimum required by Transport Canada regardless of your equipment, whether borrowed or rented. Any infraction is liable to sanctions or a fine. It could cost you more than $200 per infraction. These equipments are available for purchase or for rent at our office in Le Domaine.


    For more information, please refer to the safe boationg guide publication on Transport Canada website.

  • Bringing Along Pets

    Your faithful dog is welcome to come along on your canoe-camping trip in La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve. However, certain conditions must be respected. Please read the following notice issued by Sépaq (Société des établissements du plein air du Québec).



    The peace, safety and hygiene of the people who frequent our sixteen (16) wildlife reserves are the key considerations in developing a policy on domestic animals (pets) entering the reserves. Some of these animals can be a disturbance to our users; we are, however, conscious that this applies only to a small minority. The following is our policy regarding the presence of pets in La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve:

    Dogs are authorized everywhere with the exception of the following areas:

    • On lodging sites and in rental units (chalets, rustic camps, refuges, laid-out campsites).

    • In public buildings on wildlife reserves (reception stations, fishing cabins, community buildings, etc.).

    • On the maintained campsites of Lac La Vieille and Lac Savary.

    • On maintained beaches, bathing areas and play areas.


    Note: Guide dogs and helper dogs accompanying an unsighted or physically disabled person are permitted without restriction in all buildings and public areas of
    wildlife reserves.

    Where dogs are authorized, the following conditions strictly apply:

    • On a maintained recreational site, a dog must at all times be under the complete control of the person responsible for it. Dogs must be attached by a leash of no more than three (3) metres in length or be kept in a cage, enclosure or vehicle suitable for the purpose. Any person responsible for a dog who leaves it tied up or otherwise left unsupervised outside a building or shelter is not considered to be in control of the animal.

    • Whenever a dog defecates on a maintained site, the person responsible for the animal must pick up the excrement and dispose of it in a proper manner.

    • The person responsible for a dog must ensure that the dog does not compromise the safety or peace of other users through barking, howling or otherwise.

    If the above conditions are not respected, Sépaq may demand that such dog(s) be transported without delay outside the perimeters of the wildlife reserve. If the person responsible for the dog(s) fails to meet this requirement, the privilege of lodging or practicing any restricted activity in the wildlife reserve will be revoked without further notice or compensation.


    Other domestic animals are prohibited.

Safety and Rules




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